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When April comes it means Summer, for most of the countries, but here in Thailand? It's really Summer. And this time of the month it only means Summer vacay. So I packed my bags and head to the Island and enjoy the Summer vibe, good thing Rosegal provides amazing outfits for my Instagram holiday vacay OOTD.

1. Spaghetti strap sunflower print buttoned mini dress
This is my most favorite dress at the moment. I love sunflowers, they are so beautiful and unique flowers. The straps are so perfect, it gives me a sexy back and I love that it is stretchable at the back and it fits perfectly. Another thing what I love about this dress aside from the strap and the sunflower prints is that it has pockets, which every girl love. This Spaghetti strap sunflower print buttoned mini dress is so perfect for Summer.

2.  Printed Ombre Color Maxi Swing dress
I honestly love this dress, the length is perfect, It's quite heavy to wear but manageable. It's also flowy which is so great to wear on a beach. The prints are so pretty, I love how the ombre colors at the bottom at the dress it reminds me of the main cast Katniss Everdeen's white dress in the movie Hunger Games when she turns around the bottom of her dress go in flames and it changes to a whole new outfit. That's why I choose this Printed Ombre Color Maxi Swing dress because of its amazing design and prints

3. Tassel asymmetric long sleeve top
The reason I picked this long sleeve because of its color, it's my favorite if you haven't noticed. I love how the tassels are placed and it really gives me warm, especially to cold mornings in the mountains.

You can find beautiful and cheap Summer outfits in Rosegal, just visit their website And enjoy 25% Discount with coupon: RGIWD. I hope you like my summer outfits 2019 or summer lookbook on my Summer Vacay in an Island here in Thailand. 

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