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In my previous blog post, I mentioned that I went to Seoul Korea by myself. Traveling alone is one of my goals to achieve and finally I did it, however, it's quite lonely to walk around Seoul and there's no one you can talk to especially if you are an Introvert person like me, LOL!. Luckily, I found this amazing agency in Seoul that is so good for a solo traveler or those tourists who want to interact with good looking Korean gentleman, the OhmyOppa.

Before I shared with you loves my personal experience with OhmyOppa, let me share with you first what is OhmyOppa and how you can book your Oppa. OhmyOppa is a private tour online platform and a travel friend in Korea. “With Oppa, you will have a better understanding of Korean culture, traditions, and history.” They have 11 Oppas (men) and 4 Unnies (women), however, only ladies can book an Unnies. They have different kinds of a tour with your chosen Oppa or Unnie, the tour is only 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Once you already chose your tour, you have to pick your preferred date and time.

Then, you have to fill-up your information like your name, email, Phone number, Number of participants, Kakao talk ID, Nationality and if you have other concerns you can leave a message.

Payment can be done only by Paypal, which is so convenient for me since I don’t have a credit card only Paypal.

Most of the tours range from 70 – 100 USD, once you paid the tour you will receive an email from the management to confirm your booking.

Now, I know you are so curious about how my experience went. Well, it was an awesome experience, the Oppa that accompanied me is Oppa Ruero. Ruero can speak English and Spanish, during our conversation I learned that he loves to work-out, travel and interested to learn more from other cultures. I choose the 3:00 PM slot at Bukchon Hanok Village, before the day of our meet up we communicated at Kakaotalk, I give my Kakaotalk ID to the booking manager whom I contacted with by email, then they made a chat conversation between me and Oppa Ruero and the management.

I already informed Ruero in the Kakaotalk app that I'm not good with faces so I just give him some tips on what I wore during that day and what kind of bag I'm wearing, good thing he is good at finding me. When we met I was very impressed, he is so tall like literally tall, he dressed up so formal but casual, he looks good and he speaks English fluently.

He brought me to this market alley near Bukchon Hanok, which honestly looks so good and I saw a lot of good buys, but I need to control myself for spending a lot, LOL!. I am doing a solo budget travel fellas. But I bought this cute ref magnet souvenir for 7,000 KWN. I always collect a ref magnet in every country that I visited. We talked a lot of things, like a lot, he is very knowledgeable in all kinds of topics which makes it more fun to be with him because I'm learning so much from him. We talked about the Korean culture, sensitive topic about the situation of South and North, the political issues in the Philippines, other countries and a lot more, we even talk about Sony phones and TV, LOL! That’s how interesting he was, you will never get bored.

We went to Bukchon Hanok Village and I was so shocked how small the village is, it looks so big in the picture, but honestly, it was just so small. There are so many tourists in the village, but according to Ruero, the village is a residential area for Korean locals, there are post reminders in every corner to keep your voice low to avoid disturbance from the villagers. It's so hard to get a perfect shot in Bukchon Hanok village because it is pack with tourists. It was known because some of the Korean drama was shoot in there and according to Ruero it is just one of the few of the remaining preserved houses in Seoul because Seoul right now is surrounded by buildings. We talk and walked and even laugh all the time, I don't feel tension or awkward when he was talking with me and showing me some beautiful alleys near Bukchon Hanok village, it feels like we had met before. After a long walk, he brought me to this Japanese restaurant, and oh boy! The noodle is so good, I forgot to ask the name of the restaurant but seriously no sweet-talks the noodles is good.

After our sumptuous meal, he makes sure that I boarded the correct subway to Myeondong, how sweet of him, this is the part where we separated our paths, he thanks me for the great company, when in fact I should be the one thanking him LOL!. He is such a gentleman and sweet and you will never get bored of him.

Ohmyoppa is such a very helpful and convenient agency especially for solo travelers like me. Let's admit the fact that sometimes during the solo travel we wish there is someone we could talk to or share our happiness that we feel at the moment. And when I was in Seoul I felt that way I want to know more about Seoul not only the famous K-pop and Korean drama, I want to know their culture and OhmyOppa is such a great help to achieve this goal. A one on one guide showing you around and talking about the culture of Koreans is such a great experience.

I highly suggest if you are traveling solo or you just want to meet an Oppa who can communicate with you effectively, go ahead and visit now OhmyOppa website. If ever I will have the chance to go back to Seoul, I'd surely book another Oppa to accompany me with my journey in Seoul, it’s great if there is someone who could explain and share some information about the place you are visiting

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