Travel Diary: Seoul Vicinity: Nami Island + Petite France + Garden of Morning Calm Day Tour X Trazy South Korea

Traveling solo is one of my so many goals to achieve, as I want to know if I can truly handle myself if I'm an independent woman. So I decided to travel to Seoul alone and see for myself if I'm truly a strong independent woman. When I decided to travel to Seoul my friends were so worried about me, of all the place to travel solo, why Seoul, and I said why not? But honestly? I'm a little bit scared, what if I get lost in Seoul but things became so easy when Trazy South Korea sponsored me during my stay in Seoul.

What is Trazy South Korea? Trazy South Korea is an online tour agency that offers a lot of services and tours in South Korea. It started with two ladies who wanted to build a platform to share with everyone what’s going on with their travels and share also the experiences they made. They realized that there is still a lot of tourists who are frustrated in finding the best deals and tours in South Korea and other countries, so they decided to “provide the best deals and offers on the most convenient way possible for the foreign travelers coming to Korea.

I already worked before with Trazy in Thailand, and the service was amazing from the moment I booked until the tour is already done, same with Trazy South Korea the service is top-notch. You can check out my experience with Trazy Thailand TRAVEL DIARY: KOH SAMET ISLAND-HOPPING TOUR X TRAZY THAILAND HERE. I choose to have the Seoul Vicinity: Nami Island + Petite France + Garden of Morning Calm Day Tour.

Let me refresh your mind first loves how to book amazing Tours in Trazy.


1. You can visit the Trazy website, from there you can choose the country where are you going, like South Korea. They have major places in South Korea that offer tours like Seoul, Jeju, Busan, Incheon, Daegu, and other cities. I picked the Seoul since I’m going there and I choose the Seoul Vicinity: Nami Island + Petite France + Garden of Morning Calm Day Tour. 

2. You will just have to select where is the meeting point you prefer, select the number of guests and date when do you want to do the tour.

3. You will just have to fill up some details like no. of guest, etc.

4. After completing personal information, you have the choice to pay via Credit Card, Debit card, Paypal, Alipay, and Bank transfer. This is so convenient for me especially that I don't have a credit card.

5. After checking out and paying the tour, you will receive an email confirmation. That's how convenient and easy to book with Trazy South Korea.

On the day of my tour the Seoul Vicinity: Nami Island + Petite France + Garden of Morning Calm Day Tour, I went to the meeting point near to my accommodation in Hongik University station exit 4 at 7:00 AM. The guides were already there to assist the clients and to group us which buses we belong to, they are so hospitable and greeted us with a smile early in the morning. Our Guide Mr. Jason was so accommodating, friendly and very helpful. He explained to us some information about Seoul and the culture of South Koreans. He speaks fluently in English and Mandarin because they were also Chinese clients.

Travel time going to the first location, Garden of the Morning Calm is 1 hr. and 30 minutes. The Garden of the Morning Calm changes every season, during spring the garden is filled with lush green and sparkling ground under the spring sun with the view of magnificent mountains and spring flowers. In summer, plants and flowers are in full bloom, for autumn the entire garden is tinted with the lovely colors of autumn under the blue sky, with the beautiful view of the yellow larch forest. The last season winter, where the lush garden is covered with white snow. The Garden of the Morning Calm has restaurants, bakery, coffee shops, plant shops, gift shops, and stores if you feel like you needed something. It opens at 11:00 – 21:00 hrs. for weekdays and Sundays and 11:00 – 23:00 for Saturdays.

We are only given 1 hour and 30 minutes to enjoy the beautiful huge and wide garden. I was really amazed by how magical the place is. The weather is also perfect, it’s cold but bearable and the sun is not that hot. The amazing view makes me more realize how amazing Seoul is, how they love their nature and preserved what they have.

The next destination is Nami Island, the travel time from Garden of the morning calm to the docking port going to Nami Island is 30 -40 minutes. According to the Website of Nami Island, it was “formed as a result of the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam in 1944. In 1965, Sujae Minn Byeong Do purchased and started to forest this wasteland. In 1966, Kyeongchun Tourism Development, Inc. was established to build tourist facilities. In April of 2000, it changed the company name to Nami Island, Inc. to overcome the 1997-98 Korean Financial Crisis.” According to our tour guide, Mr. Jason Nami Island is another country but he said it’s just a metaphor, so I’m not sure anymore LOL!.

Our guide Mr. Jason gives us 3 hours to enjoy the beautiful Nami Island and he recommended as well a restaurant near the docking port where we can have our lunch. However, I did not join them anymore for lunch since I was so excited to see Nami Island and decided to eat inside Nami Island. We were greeted by the ferry officer with a smile, she even spoke to me "Magandang umaga" in the Filipino language it means Good morning, I was really amazed how Koreans are very friendly and accommodating. The ferry ride to Nami Island is only 30 minutes, there was a lot of tourist from locals to foreigners. It was already expected because Nami Island is a very popular tourist destination in Seoul. When I arrive in Nami Island I started to find first a restaurant for lunch. I saw a cafe near the entrance of Nami Island and I ordered a pasta, it tastes good while I'm enjoying the view of the river.

After my sumptuous meal, I started to walk and explore the Nami Island. In the area nearby the entrance, it was so crowded because it is where the famous lineup of pine trees and it is where the famous Korean drama "Winter Sonata" was shoot. Anyways, I walked further away from the crowd and saw a lineup of pine trees again but lesser people. I highly suggest getting a nice photo with the pine trees with lesser tourist at the end part of Nami Island. I enjoyed a lot my time in Nami Island, even though there are no yellow leaves yet, as what I'm expecting of. But it’s okay the Nami Island is still a wonderful, great place for picnics.

Since we only have 3 hours to enjoy Nami Island, I need to head back to the mainland 30 minutes before 3:00 PM. The ferry ride is available every 20 minutes, so I need to be in the docking area of Nami Island at 2:30 PM going back to the mainland does not need ferry ticket, the ticket is only needed when you enter the Nami Island.

Our last tour is in Petite France, it is 30-40 minutes away also from the docking port of Nami Island. Petite France is owned by a businessman who always traveled to France and every time he goes back to Seoul he brings home some souvenirs from France and decided to build an attraction where he can display all the souvenirs he collected from France. When we entered Petite France, it feels like I was transported to a different place, it gives me a vibe of France. Colorful buildings and houses, antiques, and more. The place is not that big you can roam around the area for an hour. We were only given 1 hr. and 30 minutes in Petite France. I honestly love the colorful areas in Petite France, every side are Instagram worthy. They are also cafes inside where you can buy your drinks, coffee or snacks. They also have entertainment but in scheduled times, luckily we witnessed the puppet show, it was funny though.

Everyone is already tired but full of happiness and memorable experienced. From Petite France back to Seoul it took like 1 hr and 30 minutes as well, depends on the traffic, they have 3 stops for the clients, and the last stop is the Hongik University station which I live nearby. Our guide is very helpful and energetic until the end of the tour, even though we are already tired, Mr. Jason still makes sure that we got the best of our tour.
And that's it loves my sponsored Trazy Seoul Vicinity: Nami Island + Petite France + Garden of Morning Calm Day Tour, I honestly love the tour especially that I'm a solo traveler. I proved that being solo in a first time country like Seoul is not scary at all. Since Trazy is always there to make sure that your vacation is memorable like mine. So if you happened to be in Seoul, solo or with a companion try to check out Trazy South Korea they offer a lot of activities and services that surely you will enjoy.

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