What's Hot in Summer/Spring 2020 according to Vogue Thailand

It's been a while since my last fashion/style blog post and it scares the hell out of me because my website is transitioning into a travel blog site only. I just want to clarify that my blog site is a combination of three major topics, fashion/style, beauty, and travel. It's been a long time also that I don't have any update on what's hot and not and what's on-trend right now, good thing I followed Vogue Thailand in Instagram and found out "WHAT'S HOT IN SUMMER/SPRING 2020".  

I love fashion and style, everybody knows that I love dressing up since I was in high school, I always make sure that I own some trendy pieces in my wardrobe. But lately, since I got home from my vacation in the Philippines last November 2019, I've been too busy from my full-time job, working with the collaboration with other brands and this pandemic that is happening right now in the world. It's crazy dude! Good thing, I am an active user of Instagram and followed Vogue Thailand, and found 3 hot trends this coming Summer/Spring, and made me think, It's time to write a comeback blog post with fashion/style base in Vogue Thailand trendy post. So, here are the top 3 trendy fashion or style to look out this coming Summer and Spring 2020.

1. Bermuda Shorts

The older sibling of bike shorts is now returning, so move now bike shorts! see you in the next era. LOL! Anyways, what is Bermuda shorts, let me give you a brief understandable explanation of what it is. Bermuda short is a type of short trousers, the hemline is 1 inch above the knee. It is definitely longer than a "short shorts"

I honestly love this type of shorts, because as you get older some of us including me, don't amuse anymore with shorter shorts, currently, I love wearing pants, trousers, because it felt right and comfortable. Now, that Bermuda short is in town, you will see me a lot wearing this type of shorts, you will probably see me most of the time in men's area as they have a lot of Bermuda shorts. 

2. Bras, Bralettes, and Bikini Tops

As far as I remember, according to my mother no matter what the circumstances, the bra should be hidden underneath the clothes and even the bra strap should not be shown in public, because in Asian countries a long time ago? people will tease you. But now, as the world is evolving Bras, Bralettes, and Bikini Tops are always on display while wearing it. As for me, my style also changed and evolved, I love wearing cute and sexy Bras, Bralettes, and Bikini Tops and show a part of it along with my blouse half unbutton, sometimes pair it with lace, mesh or sheer clothes. 

I don't have a huge breast so I felt the advantage with me because I don't feel shame. Currently, I am in love with lace bras, it looks so sexy and comfortable to wear. 

3. Green Tropical Prints

Jennifer Lopez crashed the internet when she re-wore the updated green Versace dress she first wore in 2000 42nd Grammy Awards. However, according to Vogue Thailand "Sustainability, Recycle and Upcycle are the 3 keywords that will lead us to live in harmony with nature (Without exploitation) is sustainable. This concept has influenced the world, including the runway show, where we can see the abundance of forests closely. The beauty is not only in the tropical print but also in the production and materials of the upcycling that designers have actually used". It makes sense how the world pushing right now for the reduction of using plastics and some establishments implement no plastics allowed. I do believe that small steps to this campaign will help to heal our mother nature as it is suffering right now with pollution. So glad that the Fashion Industry does not only show what's trendy and what's hot but they also take part in the social movement for the greater good. 

And that is the three trendy styles for Summer/Spring 2020 according to Vogue Thailand. Every year the styles and fashion are just repeating itself with an updated version, I'm glad that some of the clothes that used to be trendy before I still keep and now when its returning back I can still wear it. So what's your favorite trendy piece for Summer/Spring 2020? 

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