What happened before lock down in Thailand X Kolour in the Park 2020

Last March 7, 2020, Kolour in the Park happened, it was the last adventure moments that I experienced before everything got worst due to the pandemic situation that is happening right now. But before I share with you loves what happened in the Kolour in the Park? Let me introduce to you first what is Kolour in the Park.

"Kolour In The Park empowers open-minded people from all cultures to push pause on life’s pressures, refresh, and connect through live music, art, and activities." --> Kolour in the Park website. In my own description, Kolour in the park is an event, a gathering event where all people in all different cultures, countries, and ages gather together to have fun, express their feelings through music and art, basically a music festival. It is similar to the famous Coachella which I've never been to. It was taken place last March 7, 2020, at Thai wake park and an hour drive from Bangkok. It's a one-day event until 12:00 midnight. Tickets vary from Early Presale, Presale, Early Bird, General Sale, Final Sale, and Door Price. They also have Kolour plus tickets which can benefit you to the Reserved VIP parking lot, Private A/C parking shuttle, Elevated VIP lounges with the best views, Private Bar, Air-conditioned restrooms and more. They can also arrange Group tickets. They organize Kolour in the Park yearly so you may check out their website https://www.kolourinthepark.com/ for more information on the 2021 Kolour in the Park event. 

It's always been my dream to one day, somehow, someday I could experience a music festival where I can experiment and wear a costume, party, jump, and dance, like no one, cares. And finally, this amazing music festival Kolour in the Park happened. We decided to stay in a hotel near the event area so it would be easier for us to go back to the hotel rather than travel for another hour to Bangkok, it's gonna be tiring and exhausting for sure and the decision was right. We arrived at the Thai Wake park around 3:00 PM and there's a lot of people in the registration booth to get their wrist band, I never thought that there will be a lot of people who will participate maybe because of the current situation the world is facing right now, so I didn't expect that everyone will go out and celebrate before the lockdown. 

My personal experienced as a first timer in this kind of event was so overwhelming. I felt excited like I want to have photos and videos in each moment from the moment I got my wrist band until the time we left the event and went back to our hotel. Honestly, speaking? I've never been to Thai Wake park before so I imagined that the area will be so wide and big like we will get lost but it's not that big like what I've imagined, but each corner and area has activities, stages, foods, and attraction that you will enjoy. When we arrived, it's too hot so we find an area to settle down and just relax, luckily we find this empty open hut in front of the lake where few people are doing their wakeboarding thing. It feels so relaxing, the air is so refreshing while enjoying the cold Singha beer. Though the prices of foods and drinks in the event are quite expensive, 1 Singha beer is 150 THB but if you buy 4 it will be 500 THB. The minimum price for decent food in the event is 190 THB. After enjoying the afternoon breeze, we decided to go to the Park Stage to dance and fully enjoy the performance of the artist from different countries. Of all the artists who performed in the event, my favorite is Pyra, I don't know her until that moment, she is so amazing, she interacts with the people, she is so gorgeous and her music is really good, it's kinda my vibe. After enjoying, dancing and laughing with my friends, we tried a few activities, one of them was the Rip Curl surfboarding, the goal was not to fall until the time is up, once you win you will get amazing freebies from Rip Curl, unfortunately, my friend did not get the chance. There was also a free massage in the area, we also tried the Silent Party, where you will be given cool headphones with amazing music. When the night gets dark, a lot of people are coming in, a lot of people who dress up so great and amazing and it inspires me for my next year outfit Kolour in the Park. We went home at exactly midnight, there's an after-party but we did not go to anymore, we are already tired and exhausted but the experience is worth it.

If you would like to join for the next 2021 Kolour in the Park here's my few tips:

  1. Arrived early, because sometimes the organizer prepares free-flow drinks for a certain period, like this year. Unfortunately, we are too late we didn't get the chance.
  2. Bring money like don't be on a budget, because the prices of foods and drinks inside the event are quite expensive, beer minimum of 150 THB, food about 190 THB.
  3. Dress up as much as you want, but keep it as comfortable as much as possible. Thailand is a tropical country and it is so hot and humid, it's nice to wear something sexy but breathable and easy for you to move, I also suggest to wear colorful to brighten up your day.
  4. I highly recommend getting a room or hotel near Thai Wake park for your convenience, because after a whole night of partying the last thing you want is to be in bed asap. 
  5. Bring a water bottle, you will really feel parched for the whole time in the event because of walking, participating in activities and dancing, there is a free water dispenser, just refill your water bottle and your good to go.

And that's it loves my whole experienced in Kolour in the Park, I hope you love reading my first-time experience and hope to see you soon in 2021 Kolour in the Park. 

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