Cozy Outfits for Quarantine

During these months and days, the most famous lines or hashtags in social media are "stay home", "stay home stay safe" and "#quarantine". Everyone is promoting these, it makes sense, for this pandemic COVID-19 to be over, we all have to participate and work together for our safety and the safety of others. And during these days, 90% of the population (I just guessed base in my observation) people are more into the famous app "TikTok", showing off their best talents in dancing, acting and being creative. For Fashion bloggers, there's a lot of creative ways how they show off their beautiful OOTDS inside their home by using Tiktok or just filming their selves and edit it creatively. For me, I would like to show off the coziest OOTDs you can wear while staying at home.

Fashion Bloggers or fashion Influencers like Heart Evangelista, Leonie Hanne, and Brittany Xavier are just a few of the Fashion enthusiasts that I followed on Instagram, that made an effort to show that even while staying at home, fashion shoots are still possible. Heart Evangelista became trending in the Philippines where she shows off her outfits while cleaning the house using Tiktok app, and everyone loves it. It was also my first time to see Leonie Hanne dancing while wearing those furry pajamas, she is so cute, never thought she has the moves and I love the changing of outfits of Brittany Xavier while passing through in front of the mirror, I think Laureen Uy also did the same thing. 

I also love styling my outfits, currently, I'm so in love with blazers. However, wearing a blazer inside my apartment is quite unreasonable. The heat in Thailand is currently rising because it's already Summer, and the last thing I want to wear inside my house is the most comfortable outfit possible. So, I gathered my top 3 favorite outfits that I usually wear inside my house.

By the way loves, I'm not yet hooked up with Tiktok but I'm currently loving the new way in editing pictures in Instagram, it looks like a collage, adding up a touch of rainbows, glitters and stars are so cool. And this kind of editing is currently a trend now on Instagram, I saw a lot of Influencers been using this kind of technique, so I tried for my pictures in this blog and honestly Picsart overly arts are definitely awesome. 

And that's it loves my Cozy Outfits for Quarantine, there are so simple and not like other Fashion Influencers wearing Gucci, Dior and so on, because during this moment I want to be realistic as much as possible, pajamas, long dress and shirt and shorts are the most cozy outfit to wear inside your home, it's comfortable and breathable. How about you? what is your favorite outfit to wear during quarantine?

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