My Skincare Holy grail Icosmetica Rejuvenating Set

Since the day I started caring about how I look, I've been so obsessed with Skincare. I honestly tried almost everything from drugstore skincare, to western skincare to Korean skincare and there's too much of them but I am so positive that someday somehow I will get the skin that I wanted. Imagine 14 years of a skincare regimen, my skin gets better and better but still, I wonder how come some of my friends have nicer skin than mine? How come my sister has beautiful skin than mine which I'm very particular in skincare than her? That's the moment when my sister introduces me to the Icosmetica Rejuvenating set.

This is not sponsored loves, all my reviews with this brand are purely based on my own experienced. I have a combination of dry and oily skin, and it troubled me sometimes because when I am in Thailand (where I am currently residing) my skin is so much better, but when I went home to the Philippines for a vacation my skin gets so dry and I am so annoyed by it. To think the Philippines and Thailand are both the same tropical country. I watched the interview of Camille Co with the famous Dr. Vicky Belo, the reason why we have dry skin is we apply skincare the wrong way, instead of using the skincare to remove dry skin, but we use too much skincare and it became a tower of layered skincare products in our skin. It makes sense though, my mom sent me this soap that will remove all my dead skin, unfortunately, I stop using it after a week because I felt a burning sensation in my face and I can't take it. 

Then my sister, my hero in this journey introduce me to the Icosmetica Rejuvenating cream. Honestly speaking, I am hesitant to use it at first because there's this soap again included in the set, that I will feel a burning sensation that I hate. But, my sister insures me that there is a burning sensation but lesser, there will be tolerable pain (mahapdi), and after a week my skin will begin to peel off. Which everything she says happened. So here is my review with the Icosmetica Rejuvenating set. 

Icosemetica Rejuvenating set comes with a Rejuvenating soap, cream, toner, sunblock cream and collagen with Elastin cream.

1. Rejuvenating soap

 Soap Benefits
 -Anti Aging
 -Dried Pimples fast
 -Remove Skin Blemishes
 -Anti Acne
 -Tighten Pores
 -Remove Discoloration
 -Hyper Pigmentation
 -Oily skin
 -Dry skin

In the first 3 days using the soap in the morning and evening, I don't feel anything, then on my 4th day, I started feeling pain (mahapdi) so that's the time I started using the soap in the morning only. But before I used the soap I always wash my face with a facial scrub, to remove layered skincare products and oily substance in my face, then the soap. After a week I started noticing my face are peeling off, it's quite uncomfortable at first especially if you are working outside, people staring at you, looking at your face like something abnormal happened. LOL! But, well getting the desired beauty needs sacrifice. So, my face peeled off for 3 weeks and slowly getting back to normal but with a twist. To tell you honestly? The 14 years of a skincare routine that never gets me satisfied change my entire life after using the product after 1 month only. 

My skin bright even more, the dark spots and uneven skin tone disappear, no sugar coating! I look so young, fresh and amazing. If I just knew this product 14 years ago or even before this band started, I saved a lot of money now. 

2. Rejuvenating Toner

After using the soap, the next step of my skincare regimen even before is always a toner. I've been using a lot of different kinds of toner, but It never gets the result that I wanted, so I just declare to myself that Toner will just remove the remaining dirt in the face that cannot be removed by simply washing. However, the Rejuvenating Toner proves that my conclusion is wrong. Rejuvenating Toner is the same result with lesser sensation than the soap, at first 3 days it's okay then the following day I felt pain (mahapdi) then my sister advises me to pour a little amount of toner in the cotton pad and then just pat in my face do not rub. I did it and it works so well. I used it in the morning and evening after I wash my face. There are no claims in the packaging what it does, but for my own experienced, aside from removing some dirt that cannot be removed by simply washing it also look like it helped to remove my dead skin. Imagine a normal sticker (it is our dead skin) stock in our skin, to remove it we can use water (that is the toner) to get it easily, makes sense. The texture of the toner is watery and yellowish color, it has a smell but not disturbing, it easily dry and absorbs in the face. 

After using the toner after a month, while my skin is also peeling off with the soap, it removes the peeled off dead skin stuck in my face, and I can see the brighter future of my skin LOL!

3. Collagen Elastin Cream

 One secret of the Thai people why they still look so young even their age does not say so, it's because of the Collagen. According to "As you age, your body produces less collagen, leading to dry skin and the formation of wrinkles. However, several studies have shown that collagen peptides or supplements containing collagen may help slow the aging of your skin by reducing wrinkles and dryness". I fully understand what Collagen Elastin Cream do, the texture is very creamy, heavy and sticky, it's a purely white color, can easily spread in the face, however, if you are in a humid and hot area it does not absorb easily and it feels sticky in the face, but when you dried it using a fan it will absorb slowly. I only use the Collagen Elastin Cream after the toner every morning. 

After a month of using the Collagen Elastin Cream, I can see my face became brighter and smoother, the uneven skin tone is gone, I can also see that finally, I achieved the Korean glass skin. My face looks so oily but when you touch it's not oily it feels so smooth. 

4. Sunblock Cream

With or without Icosmetica, sunblock is a must, all your effort will be useless if you don't apply sunblock. Living in a tropical country, the sun may cause so much trouble with my skin, that's why It's best to use sunblock. Sunblock can protect your skin from the harmful damaging sun rays. Now, that I felt my skin is naked because the dead skin is slowly gone, I need to protect my skin, I am happy that Icosmetica includes sunblock in their Rejuvenating set. It's the same color and texture with Collagen Elastin Cream, however, the sunblock cream is lighter. It absorbs easily and spread in the face easily as well. It does not show in the packaging how much SPF it is but normally the minimum SPF in beauty products is SPF 15 that blocks 93% of UVB. My work is indoor, in a full office setting, so I don't usually expose to the sun. 

5. Rejuvenating cream

The last product of the set is the Rejuvenating cream, I only used it during the evening after I washed my face with the soap and toner. The texture of the cream is a combination of watery and creamy, the color is yellowish, it absorbs easily than the Collagen Elastin cream and the sunblock cream, it's not sticky in the face. It is so smooth and when you wake up the next morning your face feels so amazing, it feels like the skin of the baby. It feels refreshing like you are re-born. 

That's it loves my full review with Icosmetica Rejuvenating Set, to summarize all I honestly love each product and how it changes my entire life. I am happy and very satisfied with how my skin looks like, it's so bright, fresh, smooth, dark spots and uneven skin tones are gone. If you like to try the Icosmetica Rejuvenating Set you may contact my sister at her FB page because I get my products to her. 

Icosmetica brand clearly claimed:

"The seller is not a dermatologist nor an expert in skincare. We aim to provide the best selling beauty products and we depend our judgment on which product to sell by reviewing the feedback of users and researching the product online. We are not familiar with the buyer's skin type, condition, skin history, or sensitivity and cannot make personal recommendations of any kind to any buyer. We are not liable for negative or damaging result that has may be obtained by proper or improper use of this product on any person. It is always best to consult your dermatologist before using a skincare product

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