New cafes in Pattaya Thailand to visit after Lockdown

It's been so long since my last update what's new and what's hot in Pattaya Thailand. A lot of things had changed from a new tourist spot to new emerging cafes and parks. My favorite hang-out is theme cafes or trendy cafes since I am a photography enthusiast, I love taking pictures of cafes that has beautiful and unique interior or exterior look. 

So, for the last few months and weeks, I visited new cafes in Pattaya that blows my mind how cute, trendy, picture-worthy, great foods and drinks and chill vibes are. So here are my new cafes in Pattaya to lookout.

1. Skoop Beach Café Pattaya

It is located at หมู่ที่ 1 211 Soi, Na Jomtien 4, Na Chom Thian, Sattahip District, Chon Buri 20250. Going there is easy but getting to the exact location is a little bit tricky. Skoop Beach Café is inside the Veranda hotel. When we got there, we are honestly confused, because we don't know which entrance we should go to. There is honestly no sign until we decided to go inside Veranda hotel and parked, and voilà! just in front of the parking area is the cafe. 

They have a huge beach lawn with cute beach chairs, the establishment itself is a little bit small and obviously, it is made up of Cargo containers that they turned into a chic and beautiful cafe. They only served snack foods and drinks, like waffles and smoothie and different kinds of teas and coffees. They also have picnic set which is very cheap, I'd love to come back here soon and try one of their picnic set. 

My favorite part of this cafe is how relaxing the place is, Skoop cafe is in front of the beach, very nice location to just relax and enjoy the moment, I also love how wide their beach lawn is very nice for events, I highly recommend to visit this cafe during the afternoon so you can appreciate as well the sunset. 

2. Brotherhood Pattaya

Brotherhood Pattaya is located at 3 319 ม.6 Pattaya 3rd Rd, Muang Pattaya, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150. It's honestly quite hard to locate if you are going to commute because there is no public transportation around this area. What we did was we went to Central Marina and used our Google Map and then walk, it took us like 20 minutes walk to reach the restaurant. But boy! it's so worth visiting, the restaurant is so pretty and so Instagrammable, every corner has beautiful lay-out designs, even their toilets are so cute and chic. The restaurant also is wide so you may not feel unease. One thing I noticed was the owner, I knew she was the owner because she looks very familiar then I suddenly realize she is also the owner of the restaurant that we've been to before The Rice Pot Pattaya, click HERE my personal review. 

The staff are so kind and very helpful, they have an English menu, but the food? are so good and the best thing I love? so cheap. Even how they present the food is so creative. It looks like you are dining in Europe with all these arts in the plate and golden spoon and fork. I may come back to this restaurant again, they have different kinds of desserts and drinks that surely you will get curious just by looking at the picture in the Menu. 

Things have been crazy right now because of the pandemic situation and some countries including Thailand ordered a lockdown to secure the safety of everyone. So, when everything is okay, the first thing I will do is to chill out and watch the sunset by the beach, Skoop cafe is so perfect for this. Another thing I will do, I want to try delicious foods with affordable price surely Brotherhood Pattaya has new items on the menu to share.

So that's all loves, see you around after this pandemic, keep safe. 

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