Relaxing Staycation in Pattaya, Thailand

I am so exhausted, tired, uninspired, unhappy and I just needed a break from everything. The world is so stressful, thinking too much with all these amazing ideas in my head for my upcoming huge deals in my life, not only one but two. Big responsibilities as I am slowly entering the next chapter of my life being a responsible adult and my struggling platform. It's just too much and I needed to recharge, I can't get out of the country easily because of COVID-19 or visit another province, so I decided for me to recharge and rest and be myself again, I need a relaxing staycation in Pattaya, where I am currently living.  

I have 2 days rest days from my work and I want to grab this opportunity to give myself a rest, unplugged from the internet, be with nature, and prioritize my well being. I've been so exhausted lately with my upcoming two business, the moving out situation, insufficient sleep, I didn't exercise anymore, I gain weight, I stop taking care of my body, and I overthink too much that drains me a lot. Gladly Pattaya is a beautiful city where nature and the city are combined, there are tall buildings but there is also an amazing beach. Perfect for an affordable and hassle-free staycation.  

I booked a hipster room in JN9 Poshtel in Jomtien Beach, Pattaya. It is located at the south Pattaya, I haven't tried to stay overnight in the south area of Pattaya, I just experienced, central and north Pattaya. For me, Jomtien Beach is much better than Central beach, the central beach is more commercialized and has a lot of tourists rather than Jomtien Beach. It is more likely known for locals and Foreign ex-pats.


I was looking for an affordable 1-night stay in an online hotel booking platform when JN9 Poshtel caught my attention, the place is so hipster, unique and I love the idea that it is made up of a cargo container. It made me curious and booked it right away. The place is so solemn maybe because there are not many guests checking in, however, the surrounding of JN9 Poshtel is very beautiful, chic, unique, and hipster. When I arrived, the staff are very friendly, like they always smile and accommodate me in my entire stay. Now let's move to the exciting part of this poshtel, the cargo container itself turns into a room. When I entered, it doesn't feel different at all, I still feel the same as staying in a concrete basic room and then I suddenly realize, this kind of cargo container room is good for business for small hostels. Anyways, the room is not that big or small, the area is good for two people, the bed is soft and comfortable, what struck me the most is how they design their toilet sink, they are creative. I love how they use an old Singer brand sewing machine into a sink and the black colored faucet that I really like. I honestly love the toilet, I remember when I called my boyfriend, he said, lately I've been loving Toilet designs maybe our future home is only a bathroom or toilet! LOL! They also have dormitory room good for a group of friends, family, or solo backpacking. I highly recommend JN9 Poshtel, it's an affordable, very nice and comfortable stay.   


I am very serious about my plan to unplugged from the Internet for at least 2 days, just be with myself and relax my body, brain, and well being. So, after my relaxation, I went to the beach just a 2 minutes walk from the poshtel. Unfortunately, there is no sunset because there is a storm coming. It spoils the whole moment! Since there is no sunset to watch I decided to eat my early dinner at the open restaurant in front of the beach it's called The Breeze Bar and Grill. I love the location, it's really in front of the beach, and the foods are cheap, I ordered a pizza for 150 THB for 8 slices and an orange juice for 70 THB. 


It's 6:00 PM, and the evening is still young, I'm very dedicated with my unplugged staycation so I decided to read a book until I get tired, I borrowed my friend's book a day before my relaxing staycation. I actually plan to watch Netflix, but I decided not to, I've been having lack of sleep lately because of my addiction of watching movies and series in Netflix, it's not that I blame Netflix It's just that I can't discipline myself in terms of my sleeping schedule. Besides, I used to love reading books when I was in college, I'm not sure what's the change. Aside from reading books, I also did my evening DIY spa, giving myself a treat. And at 10:00 PM it's time to rest.   

The next day, I woke up very early in the morning for my walking exercise, boy! I miss this. While walking along the beach I am very happy to see a lot of interesting things, like the lifeguard station in the beach, it's so cute it reminds me of an IG worthy lifeguard houses along the beach; the coconut trees which is so refreshing in the eyes, after all the weeks that I've been always on the computer and phone; the cute wooden small boat, the fishermen area where they caught different kinds of fresh seafood and lastly the beautiful beach waves.  

 I don't eat breakfast, except if someone prepares breakfast for me, again I am lazy. The only thing that I grab in the morning or late morning is my cup of coffee, and I discovered this unique coffee truck, Do Café : Coffee Truck. I made a reservation a day before with their picnic set because it's only limited, it's 200 THB for 2 drinks and 2 breakfast treats (like brownies and croissants), but if you are alone, it's only 120 THB, 1 drink and 2 breakfast treat with a picnic set-up. Their picnic set-up is only available from 9:00 AM - 12:00 noon because during the afternoon the water in the beach seashore will rise up so it's not safe anymore. I booked 9:00 AM since I'm doing my morning walk so why not walk from my poshtel to Do Café: Coffee Truck, it took me like 40 minutes walk, it's quite far but It's okay since I'm doing my walking exercise. When I arrived they are just setting up, I guess I'm an early bird. However, the owner Khun Da is very sweet, friendly, hospitable, and accomodating. I never thought the approach will be warm, as I've been to many coffee shops, usually, most staff are not in a good mood early in the morning, but Khun Da is the opposite she is very welcoming also her boyfriend. They perfectly set-up the picnic blanket and some decors and they are so cute and beautiful, the coffee is great and my brownie is so delicious with nice presentation and the croissant, honest review? I never tasted a good croissant until I tried the croissant in Do Café : Coffee Truck. It is so delicious and buttery I am so in love! I did have a great time having my morning picnic breakfast with an amazing view. When I got home, I never expected Khun Da will message me saying "Have a good day K. Ann (insert heart, smiley and thank you emoji)" this is beyond what I expected, customer service is beyond. I always say this in my previous blog post review, no matter how beautiful the place or delicious the food, if the customer service is very poor, everything is not good anymore, just for my own opinion. But Do Café : Coffee Truck has a very top-notch service like a 5-star restaurant. I highly recommend Do Café : Coffee Truck, you will not regret it.

After a wonderful morning, I head back to JN9 Poshtel to freshen up and prepare for check out.

And this is my 2 days and 1 night slow, low-key, relaxing and peaceful staycation in Pattaya, Thailand. Most countries nowadays are starting to get back on their feet after all the tragic things that happened, many restaurants and hotels are starting to be back on business to regain what they lost for the past few months. It's a very challenging month and for the coming months, but let's hope for the best. Thailand is now starting to lift or ease the regulations from the pandemic situation, we are now allowed to move around, however, we are always reminded to be mindful of our actions outside. Like, wearing masks all the time, social distancing, and proper hygiene. Most travel content creators around the world right now choose another way of traveling and that is a road trip, they rent or buy a van and hit the road. I can't do it obviously, so I just do what I'm good at, a staycation in the Domestic area in slow pacing activities. I hope it inspires you as well, and if you are in the nearby place in Pattaya Thailand, this is a very nice travel itinerary for a staycation, or if you are far from Pattaya, Thailand this is also a great inspiration for you, to do it in your place. Take care always loves! 

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