Athleisure became a thing X Lover Beauty

Since the pandemic started and a lot of people stayed at home we also stayed in our Pajamas. The comfiest the better, and the Athleisure became a thing, from leggings to sweat pants to bike shorts. I'm currently obsessed with Athleisure outfit especially the yoga clothes and the knitted one as long as it falls in the category of minimalism. 

When it comes to affordable Athleisure and other types of clothes, you can visit Lover-Beauty, a cheap online clothing store. Lover-Beauty is one of the largest online retailers in China. They have been around in the industry since 2000 and continue to grow and expand. They can offer over 10,000+ styles to the customers. 

When I checked out Lover-Beauty I found the pieces that I'm currently into like the :

Brown High Waist Full Length Athletic Suit For Workout

Sweet Apricot Ruched Crop Top Solid Color Shorts Ultra Cheap

Sensational Army Green Knit Crop Top Wide Waistband Leggings Female Grace

I love the three Athleisure from Lover-Beauty they are simple, minimal and sexy. These are my Go-To loungewear at home for sure. I love wearing yoga shorts or bike shorts because they really keep my thighs in place and it feels so lightweight and I can move easily. Especially if I'm only staying at home. I love to wear less clothing so that I will be able to breathe properly and at the same time to feel sexy even though I am just alone in my home. And if I have to go out for important errands I just have to layer it with a blazer and a pair of sneakers. 

They also have wholesale sportswear and they also support the small and middle clients with drop shipping service, less hassle and most convenient, they also accept custom service as OEM, ODM and OBM for aspiring business owners. 

How about you loves? Do you also love Athleisure? What is your most favourite Athleisure? Let me know by commenting down below. Keep safe!

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