Qlearplus+ Better living Review


 There is no day or time that my eyes are not in front of the computer or mobile phone, I admit that if my eyes just only have their own life it will literally complain to me that my eyes are OVERUSED. I wake up at 7 or 8 in the morning checking my phone, then prepare for work, once arrive at the office desk I have to face my computer for 8 hours excepts for breaks, then when I get home I open my laptop for editing videos and photos for my Youtube channel and website it will last until 11:00 PM. Before I went to bed I will check my social media apps. I think my eyes will only rest for at least 6 hours a day and that's it. My eyes are literally exhausted. Then Qlearplus+ came to the rescue.

Qlearplus+is a company in Hongkong who design and manufacture products that relate to "light". They have been around in the business for 15 years now. Qlearplus+ mission is to provide high-quality products for Better Living. According to Qlearplus+ "At QLEARPLUS we believe in sustainability, quality, and accuracy. Promising to deliver the best possible with highest quality products to our customers.

I was lucky enough that Qlearplus+ reached out to me and asked me If could try one of their clear glasses for blue light and without any hesitation, I said Yes. I honestly badly needed a pair of blue light glasses because my vision is starting to blur and I know the cause of this is my excessive use of computers and mobile phones. As others say "Prevention is better than cure". I chose the VENTUS II because the design is classic, simple and minimal, and I think the glass shape of Ventus II is appropriate for my oval or round shape face. I was so surprised that Ventus II arrived so fast here in Thailand for only 5 days that was fast. The box includes Q+ Glasses - VENTUS II, Q+ Cleaning Cloth, Q+ Glasses Case, and a Desk Stand. 

My thoughts with Qlearplus+ Glasses - VENTUS II. When I opened the box I was very happy that finally, I have blue light glasses and there are a lot of things going on inside the box. Let's talk about the glasses itself, I honestly love the design so simple, basic but classy and by the way, it is so lightweight. Qlearplus+ uses Swiss-engineered TR 90 material that is why it so lightweight and flexible. I love the details on the temples as they engrave their mission for "Better Living" it is such a nice reminder to see. I was so surprised that the glasses fit me so perfectly, I mean usually if you want to have your own glasses you need to visit the clinic or Eye Center to get your measurements but I was amazed that getting glasses online is possible with accurate measurements. Then I learned that Qlearplus+ uses digital facial mapping technology, so cool! This is great especially nowadays that contactless transactions are better to avoid any illnesses from the pandemic.  

Ventus II  Filter out 35% harmful blue light and blocking 100% harmful UV light and the lens is made up of High-Quality CR-39 lenses. Ventus II aims to give better sleep, less headache, and overall healthier life. I've been using the Ventus II for almost 2 weeks now and, amazingly I felt less headache however I cannot see any major changes or improvements in my vision since I just used it for almost 2 weeks. However, I like the idea that finally, I have glasses to protect my eyes from blue light and harmful UV light, again prevention is better than cure. The only small problem I observe in the glasses is, it is sensitive to finger marks I guess that's why they provide Cleaning Cloth as well. And another thing, I am not sure if it's me or the glasses but I usually experienced this with my other sunglasses, my ear hurts if I used the glasses for more than an hour according to my research it is due to the excessive pressure from the glasses temple. I think it's pretty normal since not all adjustment is right on the first attempt. 

I'm so excited to inform you loves that I have a 15% discount on your purchase with Qlearplus+ just use the code QP15. By the way, they ship internationally. And that's it love my personal experience with Qlearplus+ glasses. I highly suggest to those who frequently in front of the computer or mobile phone to invest in blue light glasses like Qlearplus+ this is to protect your vision from any possible damages in the future. Keep safe everyone.  

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