IdaraThailand mineral facial wash Review

 December and January are a bit cold in Thailand and I hate to say but it's drying out my skin. Aside from my favourite St. Ives facial scrub, I'm also using a Philippine soap beauty product for my rejuvenating days and after cleansing my face with the soap and drying it with a towel I felt dryness and tightness in my skin especially for the cold season. I don't like that my skin is so dry and super tight I want it to be fresh and have natural moisture, and then IdaraThailand mineral facial wash came and it solved all my dilemma. 

IdaraThailand from the name itself is a Thai beauty brand, I honestly tried my best to research more about their company but I failed, I just discovered this brand from the last Filipino Vloggers based in Thailand Meet-up in Bangkok where I attended. So let's get started with my personal review.

1. The packaging is nice, I like that it's a pumping bottle and convenient to use. I also love the idea that the quantity of the product is a lot. Most products have a small quantity in a very pricey tag. 

2. The smell is not irritating, it's like no discernible smell. To summarize it smells good. 

3. The texture is a lightweight gel

4.  It has a soothing and hydrating effect and it will immediately get absorbed into the skin because of its light formula. When  I applied it in my skin, I felt like my skin gets the best hydration especially during the cold season my skin tends to dry and very tight. After washing my face with IdaraThailand mineral facial wash I felt the perfect skin in appearance, soft to the touch and radiant to look at, and the most important thing my skin felt hydrated. 

5. I've been using IdaraThailand mineral facial wash now for almost a month and I can say this is something! My skin becomes smooth, really non-drying as what they claimed especially during this cold season and I feel that my skin is hydrated and moisturized. I also see some changes in my skin colour tone it becomes brighter. 

Honestly? I like IdaraThailand this is worth to try and surely I will purchase when I run out of supply, it is very nice for my skin. Quality and the Quantity is more than what you pay for. 

IdaraThailand mineral facial wash has Multi-Vitamin; Vit. C and Vit. B3, it claims to be Age-defying, Sulfate-free, Non-Drying, and pH balance. You can check out their Facebook Page at 

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