Ways to Style a White Button-up shirt

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 We always have these basic clothing items in our wardrobe like a sweater, button-up or button-down white shirt, blazer, classic jeans, little black dress, pants, and a white T-shirt. However, I don't have the perfect button-down or button-up white shirt until I find this Land Tiger.


What's the difference between a button-down and a button-up shirt? During the day I wrote this blog post about white long sleeve polo shirts, I thought the only term for this type of clothing is only a button-down shirt. When I did my research there's also a button-up shirt, and I was like "what?!" Then I figured out there's an important difference between the button-up and a button-down. So, a button-up shirt is a shirt that has buttons placed all the way up to the front, right up to your neck. While the button-down shirt is a button-up shirt with buttons on the corners of the collar when you attach them.

I already have a button-up shirt even before when I was in my teens but I could not find the perfect fit for me. Most influencers and Fashion guru recommend borrowing or buy a men's size button-up or button-down shirt because they have a more perfect fit and you can style them with anything. Well, I kinda agree so I bought the Land Tiger button-up shirt and finally I found the one. The fit is just right, not too big and not too fit, I love the length of it because I can style it like a dress just wrapped my waist with a nice belt and it's a date. I choose the color white because it's basic and timeless and it can be wear to anywhere and anytime except if there's a dres's code to an invite, plus you can mix and match with any color. 

So here are my 2 ways on how I style my button-up white shirt.

1. To date with friends or partner - I layered the button-up shirt with the nude strappy top on top. Paired with boyfriend jeans and black heels. The nude strappy top will break the too formal vibe especially when you are hanging out with friends. It should be relaxing and fun and not looking like a boss. 

2. To work - I paired my button-up white shirt with my black pants, as we all know white and black are the classic colors. And 90% in the working industry in Asia white and black uniform is a must. To upgrade the look I tied my H&M knitted sweater around my shoulder and wear black pointed heels.

Why do you need to own a white button-up or button-down shirt?

  1. It's a timeless piece. Since it was introduced by Brooks Brothers in 1896 it never goes out in Fashion. It becomes the must-have clothing item in our wardrobe and a must-have in the business industry whether you are an owner or an employee. 
  2. It's versatile. You can mix and match with your other clothes or layered with any colours that you have and still, it will look perfect. 
  3. It's everywhere. Owning a button-up or button-down shirt is not hard to find, it seems like everyone is selling this type of shirt. From locals or street store to luxurious brand. You can even find it in the second-hand store. The prices are also affordable if you choose to buy at a local store.

Hope you like my blog post for today, what style do you like? 

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