From Mood board to a brand Sporty & Rich

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 As a creative content creator, I always look for inspirations to create something wonderful whether a blog post, Instagram curated photos, product design or anything. I remember when I was in high school I started cutting out pictures from the magazines and make a collage or for professional people they called it "Moodboard". That's why Emily Oberg, LA-based art director turned her mood boards into a successful brand Sporty & Rich.

I first noticed the brand S&R from the famous influencers in the Philippines David Guison and Angelique Manto. At first, I didn't have any interest in it and when they posted cool pictures with the brand name it caught my attention and made me so curious about this brand. Honestly speaking I thought Sporty & Rich is a local Philippine brand but when I did my research it's not. Sporty & Rich started with the passion of mood boards of Emily Oberg the art director and the founder of S&R. She is a Canadian who lives in Paris and Los Angelis, in one of her interview with Mixmag she mentioned that as a young child she already have passion for fashion and it started from there. She loves the style from the 90s, 80s and 70s and created a mood board, produce a magazine and build an empire with Sporty & Rich. 

Photo source: Brand Spotlight: Sporty & Rich — ShopThing

One thing that I liked about researching the brand's vision and mission and ideas from their founder is that I learned how they turned out to be successful. Like for example when I wrote THE SUCCESS STORY BEHIND THE PADDED T-SHIRT. The founder of Frankie Shop Gaelle Drevet used the limited-supply only strategy which is really a hit. You may read more about it click HERE. Now let's get back to S&R, what I learned from Emily Oberg is that her brand only takes pre-orders to reduce the amount of waste. In the blog of  Shop Thing, I was shocked to know that "H&M has burnt 60 tons of clothes since 2013 alone, and in 2017 Burberry burned $36.8 million (!) worth of merchandise." I didn't know that huge clothing brands disposed of a lot of products that never caught the attention of the buyers. And having a mindset like Emily is such a great deal, this will avoid losses; waste of money and time, avoiding pollution and making sure that every product that is drop has a buyer. Then it reminds me of what Jay Shetty mentioned in one of his videos if you like to be a successful business owner shadow a business owner, study their journey. And this is how I felt while researching with Sporty & Rich. 

When I learned that Sporty & Rich started from a mood board I was so curious, so I checked out the mood board of S&R website. It envisioned the lifestyle from the 90s and 80s, remembering the era of innocence and sophistication, not the same as the present 2021 the less clothing the better, the most daring the better. Sporty & Rich style is more like streetwear, loungewear and many more maintaining its simplicity and charm. 

I bought two shirts of Sporty & Rich one white and one green. 

Style No. 1. For my white S&R shirt, I paired it with my boyfriend's cotton shorts and Nike shoes with a Tote bag from more.tote and to complete the outfit I wear my beret cap from Banggood. My inspirations for this is the Filipino Influencer Rhea Bue. 

Style No. 2. Lastly, my green S&R shirt, bottom white culottes pants and Nike shoes accessorized with a tote bag from more.tote. I just get the inspirations on the Mood board of the Sporty & Rich website. 

And that's it loves how Sporty & Rich landed to become a well-known brand in the industry. It's amazing that they did not only focus on what's on-trend and money, but they also value timeless pieces making sure that whatever decades may pass we can still wear their clothes and also they value the environment by producing pre-order basis to minimize waste. Which outfit of mine do you like the most?

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