Best Agoda deal for a staycation in Thailand, Let's Hyde Resort & Villas

Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

 It's been quite some time now since my last staycation, I think it was in February and I needed something new experience. I've always seen these amazing Siargao vlogs of David Guison and Angelique Manto. And like boy! I needed that Island vacation, however, it's quite hard to travel these days outside Pattaya, Thailand (where I'm currently living). So I decided why not bring the Siargao or island vacation vibe here in Pattaya.

For me to feel the Island vibe on a vacation here in Thailand I need to find a hotel and restaurant that is quite similar to what's on the island. I came across the best deal in Agoda where I booked a one night room in Let's Hyde Resort & Villas for only 300 THB. And we are so lucky enough that we were upgraded to a Villa because the room that we reserved is quite noisy due to the nearby construction. Now let me share with you our island vibe itinerary in the city.

9:00 AM: บ.บัวกลางใจ (Borbuaklangjai) 

Location: 132/3 Moo 11, Nong Prue Subdistrict, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150. Just straight from the Outlet mall in Sukhumvit going to Rayong. 

Google Map: 

We spent: 400 THB (two meals, one Ice mocha, one Matcha Latte and bottled water)

The Restaurant is open from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM, the restaurant is very relaxing and solemn. The area is also wide so you can still practice a social distancing plus they have a private dining hut. What I love the most about the restaurant is that they have their own fish pond with a fountain where I really did felt relax during that time, I felt like I'm not in a busy city. As most restaurant and cafes nowadays who invested more with decors and interiors/exteriors บ.บัวกลางใจ (Borbuaklangjai) restaurant has a lot of photo areas. From the canoe or boat, the bamboo bridge, the helicopter statue, the garden, the vintage customize car, the famous Bali outdoor decor and many more. A lot is going on in this restaurant that you will never run out of background photos. Aside from the beautiful place itself, their meals are affordable only, they don't have an English menu at the moment but they do have meal pictures on the menu. However, what I did I used the Photo google translator app, you may see the translated menu below if you would like to. Nevertheless, the best on their menu is their drinks, I am a coffee lover and I always say, that my go-to drink is Mocha. I already tasted different brands and cafes that make Mocha, so far nothing is special they all almost taste the same, that taste of rusty iron. I haven't tried tasting a rusty iron but when you smell it I think you have the idea already what it tastes like. But, บ.บัวกลางใจ (Borbuaklangjai) Iced Mocha taste different and I love it, it tastes so creamy not too sweet not too bland. I can really taste that the coffee, cocoa and milk are well balanced, I didn't taste that rusty iron feeling, LOL! To summarize all of that their Mocha is the best Mocha I've ever tried so far. Lastly, the staff are so accommodating with us, they made sure that we enjoyed taking photos by telling us that the canoe is safe because they nailed it already to the bridge so it won't float away. Small gestures really count, and that's a perfect service. The lady also who prepared our Ice Mocha is so sweet making sure that we really get what we ordered. Totally love this place and can't wait to be back soon. 

1:00 PM Let's Hyde Resort & Villas

Location: 170/1 Pattaya-Naklua Road 18/2, Naklua Subdistrict, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150

We spent: 300 THB for one night

There are actually three reasons why I choose Let's Hyde Resort & Villas. One is that the location is in North Pattaya, North Pattaya is one of the best places If you would like to stay in a secluded area in Pattaya. You will find more island-like cafes and restaurant here and also the beach. Second is the resort itself is like a jungle vibe with a lot of trees and their outdoor looks like you are in Bali or on an island. The third is that it's the most affordable resort in Agoda with a swimming pool. As I've mentioned above we were upgraded because of the construction nearby to our reserved room. My feelings about Let's Hyde Resort & Villas is mixed, I'm happy at the same time a bit disappointed. So let me share with you the breakdown of my love and hate feeling about the resort. 


  1. I honestly love the villa and because of it, it gives me an idea of how I will design my future bedroom with a private bathroom and walk-in closet (wink ***). The toilet is clean, the room is almost clean.
  2. I like that our villa is surrounded by trees and plants, it really felt like we are in a jungle, in Bali or perhaps Siargao. 
  3. The swimming pool is so appealing, I like that their pool tiles are color royal blue it looks aesthetic if you will take a photo, plus I was relishing my moment.


  1. The linens and bedsheet do not look clean, it looks old. Maybe because it has been so long since there was a guest and we are the first guest in that room since the pandemic, maybe that's why the linen looks old because it's been so long that it has been lying perfectly in the bed and no one is using. Do I make sense?
  2. There are a lot of mosquitos outside our villa, maybe because it was also drizzling that day and the mosquitos get active. Not only mosquitos but there are hundreds of bats up in the trees. I am not bluffing when I said "hundreds of bats" like literally there's a lot of them hanging up in the trees. I'm anxious because I have these wild imaginations what if they will attack us, but my boyfriend did enjoy seeing those bats. 
  3. The resort is poorly maintained, there are a lot of falling leaves everywhere, the sun lounger around the swimming pool is old already even the hats they place in the sun lounger for decoration looks old. There are specks of dirt around the outside pool tiles. I'm not sure why it is poorly maintained, maybe because of the pandemic, no guest, no profit, less staff to make the resort clean. Maybe? 

And that are all my love and hate feelings with Let's Hyde Resort & Villas. Well, even though we have our share of hates still it's a good deal already that we got a Villa room and a swimming pool for only 300 THB.

3:00 PM Wong-amat Beach

Location: The endpoint at the side of Rim Talay Seafood Restaurant

We spent: 200 THB

Let's be real here, In my own opinion, there's no stunning beach to swim in Pattaya if you compare it to the nearby island Kho Larn where you get white fine sand and bluish clear water. For me, the best that you will get is Wong-amat beach if you are looking for a more secluded beach area in Pattaya. Wong-amat beach is just a 10-minute walk from our resort, so we decided to go to the beach and just relax and swim. There is an eatery there and they served affordable foods so we ordered one fried rice chicken and Somtam (Thai Papaya salad) to share to enjoy the beach. It was nice to spend the afternoon at Wong-amat beach it's so solemn though they are also some families who did picnic and swim, still, you feel that you are in a different place not in the city. 

6:00 PM Treescape Cafe & Restaurant

Location: located next to the fence of Photisamphan School. Next to the Oh My Glozz car wash, Pattaya-Naklua Rd. Opposite Naklua Soi 17

Google Map:

We spent: 400 THB

We really did enjoy our Island vibe itinerary staycation, but we decided to dress up a bit for a special dinner, I actually researched a lot of options of good restaurant nearby like baba eating house and Spa cafe until we decided to try the Treescape Cafe & Restaurant. When you looked at the pictures online the place looks wide but in reality, it is not, not too small not too wide, I guess in the middle. We arrived at Treescape Cafe & Restaurant at 6:00 PM so it's going to be dark soon, I wished that we went there earlier so that we can get more amazing photos, the place is more on whites so lighting is better to get that clean white effect of the restaurant. Their menu is expensive that's a fact but taste good. We did enjoy our special formal date dinner with my love. 

The next day, I need to run back to my workplace to deal with my working visa with my HR and my boyfriend was in the resort waiting for me. Basically, in our Day 2, we did nothing much because we checked out at 12:00 noon and I was doing a visa run early in the morning. So, that's it loves our Island vibe itinerary in Pattaya. I wish we had more days of staycation so we can try more experiences like we are on an island like an ice cream parlor. more island-like cafes and many more. Keep safe everyone. 

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