Money-saving Maternity Clothing hacks that You Should Know

Every pregnancy is unique and for "first-time moms-to-be" like me, I get excited with everything from what to wear, skincare routine, what to buy for the baby and postpartum stuff. If you can just see my phone full of screenshots of the online store and my overflowing cart ready to be check-out, that's how excited I am. However, I find it very costly to get pregnant especially for clothing, my clothes do not fit anymore and also my undergarments. Luckily I found these maternity clothing hacks that really saved my pocket.

There are a lot of maternity clothing hacks on the Internet however I will only share a few of them that I religiously apply as it works for me and it's only necessary for me. 

1. Bra extender

I actually planned to buy a nursing bra but I realized If I will buy a nursing bra in my first trimester my boobs are going to get bigger and bigger over time, so it's totally pointless to buy a nursing bra in my early pregnancy as I am not sure of my cup size in the long run. It's so costly to keep buying new bras throughout my pregnancy until I discovered a bra extender. Bra extenders are a lifesaver, I don't need to keep changing my bra I just have to attach the bra extender to my bra and then viola! it fits my boobs again. Plus! I can breathe comfortably. 

2. Stretchy Maternity shorts and pants with adjustable strap at the waist

I'm not really a dress or skirt person, I seldom wear my dress and skirts I am mostly a pants and shorts person. But when my bump started to grow I can't fit in my pants anymore. Same as my bra dilemma, It's unwise to keep buying new pants and shorts every month as my bump is going to get bigger and bigger. Good thing, I found this hack that saved me a lot until I get to labor, stretchy maternity shorts and pants with adjustable strap at the waist. I found these stretchy maternity shorts and pants from Shopee TH with an adjustable strap at the waist, what I love about these bottoms is that it's very light, stretchy, comfortable to wear and the front area is loose so the bump will grow with it. It also has an adjustable strap around the waist that you can adjust if it's too loose around your bump. I choose the color black so I can pair it with different tops and I also used maternity shorts when I wear my dress uniform at work, I needed some protection down there, again I'm not used to wearing a dress. Maternity shorts and pants are very effective for me, I don't need to keep on buying new pants just to fit in. 

3. House dress like loose flowing midis or  flowy cotton maxis (can be bought from a thrift shop)

Other clothing that I really loved during this time is house dress the one which is loose and flowing it feels so refreshing; breathable and I can easily move around. It really helps me a lot especially when I'm at home only or at night there's too much space around my body and I don't feel tight than wearing my outdoor clothing's. Plus! when I'm at home I'm not anxious about how to walk and sit properly just because I'm wearing a dress, I can sit and walk whatever I like because no one will look at me. There's also no need to buy a house dress in an expensive store or a brand you can actually buy it from a thrift shop. I owned one since 5 years ago and never throw it away because I'm really comfortable wearing it even if I'm not pregnant during that time I also thrifted some of my other house dresses. 

4. Tank top

My culture has a lot of superstitious beliefs especially for pregnant women, one of those is wearing black all the time. The story behind this is to hide the baby from unnatural forces, I do respect my culture however half of my life I live in a different country, exposed to different cultures and different people. So, some beliefs don't bother me at all, however, just to give my family and my partner's family peace of mind we decided that I should wear a black tank top underneath my work uniform. I'm not saying you should wear black too, what I'm suggesting is wearing a tank top underneath especially if you're working environment is cold, is such a great help. I get easily feel cold especially in the office, blazer or coat is not enough for me especially since my body is quite sensitive nowadays, having a tank top underneath my uniform really helps a lot to warm my body. 

And that's it loves my short list of clothing hacks that I really applied, used and needed. There are a lot of clothing hacks on the Internet like using a rubber band or hair tie to loop it around the buttonhole of your jeans so that you can still wear it. I particularly avoid wearing jeans nowadays because I felt so uncomfortable and I feel so tight. And most of them also are unnecessary for me as I am living in an Asian country and does not apply to me. I highly suggest applying the tips you found on the Internet that is applicable to you only, this is to avoid unnecessary expenses. You can save more!

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