Overnight Camp in Lake View Resort Sriracha Thailand


 It's been a long time since my last travel and as much as I wanted to travel outside of the country or to another province I still have anxiety. But, to overcome this anxiety I must face the "new normal" of travelling in baby steps. One of the safest ways to travel is to do camping, you have your own little private area, not too crowded, and slow activities. But where? I stumbled upon on the Internet this beautiful lake in Sriracha an hour and a half from Pattaya (where I currently live), Lake View Resort.


You need to make a reservation first on hand before heading to the Lake, I think the management is trying to limit the people inside so it will not be too crowded. We don't have a tent, however, the property has built-in tents that you can rent for a night. We availed their promotion of 20% discount from 1200 THB to 960 THB for two people. You can also bring your tent if you owned one, you just have to pay 250 THB / person/night / Adult; 100 THB / person/night for children age 10-15 years old and for Children 0-9 years old can stay for free. They also provide a portable air conditioner for 100 THB. The Resort also has rooms you can choose from if you don't want to stay in a tent. 


Lake View Resort is located at Khao Kheow, camping in Chonburi 248/1 Moo 12 in Bangpra Sriracha Chonburi 20110 location https://goo.gl/maps/9BF54fUAFEzkjnYGA  . We don't have a private car and I am not ready to take public transportation to Sriracha so we decided to hire a private transfer from Pattaya to Lake View Resort we spent 750 THB round trip. 

The Place

We arrived at Lake View Resort at 11:00 AM and we are excited to see our reserved tent in person because it looks boujee in the picture. It was breathtaking to see the resort it feels like I'm not in Pattaya anymore, it feels like I'm in Kanchanaburi or other jungle places in Thailand. I was awed by the great vastness of the lake, the fresh breezy air and the lustrous mountains and forest in a distance and the property is wide. Let's talk about our tent first, it was comfortable there's a lot of space it feels like a mini bedroom but in a tent. We have our double bed with blankets and pillows; an extension cord (yes we have electricity inside the tent ); a mini bedside table equipped with 2 bottled water and mini snacks; a small electric fan; 2 towels and a light bulb. It was really a boujee tent, I think 960 THB is worth the money. The resort is so quiet and peaceful, they have a restaurant Chocolate Lake by Chef Pear, we had our lunch at their restaurant we ordered beef tomato pasta, chocolate rice with pork ribs, purple yam smoothie, and banoffee for dessert with a total bill of 737 THB. The restaurant is facing the lake so it's very relaxing to dine while enjoying the beauty of nature. By the way, they have English Menu if you needed one. 

After our sumptuous lunch, we went ahead to their immeasurable lake, my favourite spot in the resort. It is very wide, refreshing, peaceful and it made my body and mind calm from all the stress lately. You can do fishing in the lake but bring your own equipment, they also have free kayaks and life jackets and they also have bicycles for rent where you can go around the reservoir. For children, they have a playground. You can cook or grill on the property but bring your own equipment, they also have electrical service points everywhere on the property so if you bring electrical cooking equipment you are saved. They also have a dishwashing area, toilets and shower rooms near the resort entrance. If you are in need of something they also have a mini-store inside the property, like a 7-11 store. 

My own personal thoughts

I really enjoyed Lake View Resort, and I can see that I will be coming back there soon bringing our own tent and cooking equipment. I feel safe and relaxed in the resort, it was only overnight but it lighten my mind. I highly recommend visiting the resort if you are looking for a safe and private getaway and not too many people. The staff at the property are very helpful, kind and hospitable especially the staff in the restaurant and in the store. 

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