Postpartum Shapewear 101

 One of the main concerns I have after my normal delivery is getting back into shape. However, it is not easy to devote your entire attention and focus to working out when you have a newborn to look after, feel worn from restless nights, need to clean the house, and so on. My body has been through a lot in the last 9 months! It may take some time to transition to a new normal, so I'm giving myself time to recover. Meanwhile, shapewear is a great way for me to support my body in the coming weeks.

Why Shapewear? Shapewear has a number of advantages for new mothers, including back and pelvic pain relief; support for postpartum healing; and assistive posture. For moms healing from a cesarean section or diastasis recti, postpartum shapewear can give additional compression.  Since I underwent normal delivery my muscles are painful, weaker, or overused after giving birth. Shapewear can make me feel more supported all day long. Shapewear also makes me feel more at ease and confident when I'm out and about, which is especially important now that I'm a working mom. Purchasing wholesale shapewear is more practical and cost-effective than purchasing individual pieces since you will receive a wholesale price if you purchase a large quantity of shapewear. Waistdear is a great place to find your ideal shapewear.

If you prefer to use a waist trainer, I recommend obtaining one with velcro so you can adjust it to provide light compression. It's also a good idea to start using a waist trainer 4 to 6 weeks after giving birth and to listen to your body. Longer lengths are preferable since they help hide the "mummy stomach" that many women experience after childbirth. Finally, choose a stretchy spandex fabric that will keep your stomach in place while allowing your skin to breathe. Waistdear sells wholesale waist trainers as well. You can check out their website at, they offer different shapes and styles of shapewear and waist trainers.

The desire to "snap back" after having a baby may be alluring but always listen to your body since healing takes time.

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