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 Me and my partner really love to travel and we don't have any plans to stop now that we have our baby, maybe slowing down. One of the family travel vloggers that I admire the most is Flying The Nest. They travelled to different parts of the world with their baby and they made it happen so if they can do it why not us right? We tried travelling to nearby places, we don't want to overwhelm our child with all the travelling struggle. We started going to a nearby island and then to Bangkok, it's just a two hours drive from where we live. During these short travels and overnight, I conclude what my baby needs and also it may help you what to pack when travelling with a baby.

1. Portable Rocking Bed

We do have a love and hate relationship with a stroller, it is convenient when you are strolling around in one place like the mall, park and etc. but when going to another place I felt the struggle, you have to take out all the things in the stroller like the blanket, then fold and put all your energy to lift and push the stroller inside the car. I hate that part especially when you are in a hurry. We found this portable rocking bed  in Shopee Thailand and decided to bring it into our overnight travels and it makes life easier, especially if we are going to eat in a restaurant we can just put him in the portable rocking bed and everyone is happy. No more struggle of carrying, lifting and folding a heavy huge stroller. 

2. Pacifier and the pacifier holder

Pacifier is a little bit infamous, most Doctors don't recommend pacifier for the baby but others do recommend them. It's quite confusing which to follow but a pacifier helps to soothe our fussy baby. I read this article from Google that pacifiers reduced the incidence of SIDS but you need to slowly stop the use of pacifiers before the baby turns 4 months old. Because it may hinder the growth and development of the baby. My baby is 2 months old and I think we can still use the pacifier and control the use of it. Pacifier is very effective when travelling especially if you are using public transportation. We don't have a car, so we opt for a car transfer service, Grab a car or Taxi, and when our baby is about to scream the pacifier is our best way to soothe the baby. The pacifier holder is a must if you are using a pacifier, it is most convenient and easy to find plus our baby pushes out the pacifier from his mouth and to avoid falling to a dirty surface we have to tie it from a pacifier holder.

3. Formula Dispenser

When my sister had her first daughter I remember her using this travel-friendly formula dispenser, you just have to open the lid, turn it upside down and pour the formula into the bottle directly. I found the same dispenser in Shopee Thailand. I love this container because it has 4 layers and is very convenient especially if you are in the middle of travelling, there's no need to open your whole box of formula and then scoop, it's going to be messy for sure. But with this formula dispenser just simply pour it all out to the bottle. 

4. Mosquito Patch

When we went to an island we did not expect that the mosquito will bite our baby, especially in the face. Luckily we bought a mosquito patch from Shopee Thailand. I am not sure if mosquito repellent lotion is advisable for babies, to make sure we use a mosquito patch instead, we stick it into his lower clothes. Mosquito patches are very helpful especially if you are travelling, you will never know how safe the place is until you are there, right?

5. Portable/mini baby bottle sterilizer

One thing that leads us to our mistakes is assuming things. We do have a sterilizer but it's big and it does definitely not travel friendly. We plan to use hot water to sterilize the bottles, assuming that there is an electric kettle in the accommodation, unfortunately, there is none. Luckily, the convenience store 7-11 is just a 3 minutes walk away we just ask for hot water. It is really inconvenient to keep asking for hot water from other premises, especially during the night. So, lesson learned do not assume things, like there's always a kettle in your accommodation. I highly recommend bringing a mini bottle sterilizer instead. 

6. Mini rechargeable battery fan

We are currently living in a hot humid country in Thailand, and most of the time it's always hot instead of using paper to wave back and forth to create an airflow why not use a rechargeable mini fan, it is handy and give strong airflow. 

7. Baby carrier

I already bought our Baby Carrier from Baby Groove we haven't used it yet because our two-month-old baby is not that strong yet. We will for sure it when our baby turns 4 months. I think a baby carrier is such a help when travelling especially if you are moving around from one place to another and also it is very helpful when you badly needed your two hands for something else. 

These are my top 7 essentials that you must have when travelling with a baby aside from the usual needs of the baby like his/her clothes, diaper, etc. Once again, each baby is different and unique, these recommendations might help you or not, but for me, it really makes our travelling easy, convenient and less of a struggle. 

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