Best Drugstore Lip Glosses - 2022 Guide

 It's 2022 and the majority of the countries around the world are giving individuals a "mask-off" option, most likely in places in Europe, Singapore, and Thailand. And since it's no longer mandatory, beauty companies have been so excited to create and market new lip products like lip gloss. You will see a lot of different lip glosses, like glitter lip gloss, moisturizing lip gloss, and even lip gloss kits. But I'm here to share with you the best drugstore lip gloss that fits within your budget.

What is lip gloss made of? Each cosmetics brand differentiates itself from competitors by using distinctive ingredients and manufacturing processes to manufacture its lip gloss products. However, they made use of common chemicals that are similar, like the emollients in lip gloss. Emollients are moisturizing products that are used topically to soothe and hydrate the skin. They apply a shielding coating to the skin to keep moisture from escaping. In addition to emollients, wax and oils are also included in their composition to keep the lip gloss in place on your lips without leaking or smearing.

Best Drugstore Lip Gloss

1. Essence lip gloss - When looking for high-quality cosmetics that won't break the bank, Essence Makeup comes highly recommended. You can readily purchase Essence makeup products in Ulta Beauty stores and CV stores. It was first introduced in Germany and quickly rose to the top. But why are their products so inexpensive, really? Instead of spending a lot of money on model or celebrity-driven print or television advertising, they consistently invest in the creation of high-quality, cutting-edge products. Each day they demonstrate that high quality and trend awareness are not price-related. Some of the items in this line even had a plumping effect since the company claims a "wet look" finish. The formula of Essence lip glosses is undoubtedly good for the price at which they are sold. This is comfortable and non-sticky on the lips. It tastes and smells fantastic, and it is so bouncy and thick but so shiny! It has a long shelf life, doesn't dry out the lips, tastes great, and truly doesn't budge.

2. Elf lip gloss - Elf Lipgloss has a semi-gloss, classic finish that I find to be very versatile and not overly bold, as it contains no glitter or shimmer. One of their highly rated lip glosses is E.l.f.Lip Lacquers. It has a buttery-soft, incredibly moisturizing consistency thanks to ingredients like cocoa seed butter, grape seed oil, sunflower seed oil, and avocado oil. E.L.F Cosmetics is a cruelty-free and vegan cosmetic and skincare brand that has been in business since 2004. In Reddit threads, E.L.F. is frequently mentioned as having some of the best makeup for the money.

3. Estee lauder lip gloss - A fun fact about Estée Lauder, did you know that the founder of the brand created her own homemade face creams and tested them on women at beauty salons while they were sitting under the hairdryers. And Josephine Esther Mentzer, the founder of Estée Lauder launched their brand on 1946 in New York City and it sold out just in two days. 

4. Colourpop lip gloss -Let's be honest: trendy make-up brands like Kylie Cosmetics and Fenty Beauty are extremely expensive these days. As a result, many of us seek out high-quality alternatives, and Colourpop is the best dupe on the market. Colourpop lip gloss is known for its high-shine, non-sticky lip gloss, and the lip gloss applicator provides a high-luxe experience even though it does not carry a high-end price tag. So Juicy Plumping Gloss is one of Colourpop's most popular lipglosses; it's the best subtle plumping lip gloss according to Ulta Beauty reviews.

5.  Anastasia lip gloss - Anastasia Beverly Hills is the queen of brows. A historical glimpse of the brand: it all started with shaping brows at a Beverly Hills salon in 1997. Anastasia Soare the founder, redefined the industry with her Golden Ratio shaping method, launched one of the first comprehensive brow lines, and in 2014 turned it into an entire cosmetics line. Let's get back to the lip gloss. Anastasia lip gloss has a smooth, creamy formula that delivers high-shine color, and many people have commented that it lasts a long time and is hydrating.

Lip Glosses Top Secret Tips

  • No matter how expensive or inexpensive the brand is, or how amazing the reviews are, if your lips are not smooth, you will not get the best results from the lip gloss. But don't worry, you can always make a scrub with brown sugar and coconut, olive, or almond oil to get those smooth lips. Massage it into your lips for about a minute with your finger, then rinse off.
  • Instead of applying lip gloss like lipstick (swiping it from one side to the other on each lip), apply it only to the center of your bottom lip and rub your lips together. This adds just the right amount of shine while preventing the gloss from becoming drippy.
  • Applying lip gloss is equivalent to applying oil to the rest of your body. Therefore, you should always use lip sunscreen to protect your lips. Before you put on lip gloss, use a lip product with a sun protection factor (SPF) to protect your lips from the sun.
  • Thick, sticky formulas aren't always a bad thing. Thicker formulas can produce the most intense shine, and the color lasts longer than thinner formulas, which are less durable. Make sure to keep in mind that these glosses are not resistant to smearing.

There are a lot of good and high-quality makeup products on the market that won't break the bank. I highly suggest investing in them before trying out expensive and luxurious products. This is to test the waters. If you really love wearing lip glosses, is it worth the money to buy expensive glosses or are affordable glosses already satisfying?

Those are the questions you need to ask yourself before investing in big things. Many beauty companies right now are producing high-quality products on the most affordable budgets on the market.

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