How Fashion Nova Started

 I've heard a lot of influencers promoting the brand Fashion Nova. I also remember this artist, Zhavia, who appeared on the television show The Four: Battle for Stardom. In one of her songs, "Fashion Nova got us in a house (ay), L.A living." So, it made me curious about Fashion Nova.

A Short Background

Fashion Nova was started in 2006 and is based in Los Angeles. Fashion Nova has always been privately owned, and CEO Richard Saghian has been in charge of it. He sells cheap "clubwear" and other clothes in malls around Los Angeles. He started the e-commerce site in 2013, and Instagram has always been a big part of it. Before he started Fashion Nova, Saghian had 60,000 followers on his personal account. He used this near-macro-influence to build a loyal following for his new brand. Saghian was one of the first people to realize that social platforms would soon be a key part of successful branding. He did this by jumping on the social media marketing wave early.

The Strategy

The brand also made its own success by using a strategy that has become trendy, if you get my meaning. There are a lot of fashion blogs out there. Fashion Nova knew this and started reaching out almost right away. Using its image as a fun and welcoming brand for all women, even those with more curves, it linked up with some of the most popular bloggers online. Most of the time, these bloggers had thousands of followers and subscribers on their social media sites and on their blogs as well. This meant that the more Fashion Nova made new lines and worked to improve its image, the more people started to recognize it as a brand.

The idea behind the brand, according to the brand itself, is to copy what works. This literally means that Fashion Nova looks at what stars and celebrities are wearing on social media and then makes their own versions. These versions are based on the cultures of famous people.

Basically, Fashion Nova pushes their brand through influencers to get noticed by millions of people. The Power of Influencer Marketing

You can slowly gain momentum if you find influencers in your circle and pay or otherwise reward the lower-level ones. People will want to wear those clothes, so fashion has the upper hand here. And Instagram's focus on pictures makes it a great match. We do not need to talk about making great pictures for Instagram because we have already done that. The clothes are the stars at Fashion Nova, as they are at every other fashion store.

Utilizing the Social Media

Behind all of that, though, is the mission or ethos. The site almost goes out of its way to get you to share. Instagram is a great place to learn how to run a profile because it is easy to share and full of hashtags. Do not think that what they are doing is advertising for free. They have used influencers and hashtags to start a movement. But, with over 7 million followers (as of today), it seems like Fashion Nova is showing every other fashion brand how to use Instagram correctly.

In Conclusion

My takeaway from this successful clothing brand business is that they really know how to work with their social media. Half of the population is now on social media. People watch YouTube videos more than regular TV programs on TV, and the most effective way to reach the customer is to dominate social media with the right influencer. Plus, their designs are very customer-friendly. I saw this hot dress by Kylie Jenner, but it's crazy expensive and when I checked Fashion Nova, they have almost the same style.

In conclusion, Fashion Nova really gets the attention of the customer.

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