Summer is all about colorful pieces from pastels to bold to floral and I love seeing things that are too colorful and fun especially pastels but lately, I am into Yellow. If you are in my front right now you would probably tease me or say “whhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!!!”. LOL! I know Yellow is not for everyone’s favorite it’s too much, too bold, too bright and it’s literally in your face. But what can I say? I suddenly have an eye with yellow outfits.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

They said that "Every summer has it's own story" and "The tans will fade but the memories last forever". Now, what summer story are you going to tell this 2017? What kind of memories are you going to cherish? Don't think about it anymore, because we are giving you THE BIGGEST SUMMER TRAVEL EVENT OF THE YEAR - MOVE AMAZING RACE AT BOLINAO PANGASINAN. This event is no ordinary event. it is an excursion where you will meet new people, enhance your skills, teach you how to travel like a pro, and will change your life. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

It’s been almost a month since I haven’t write or posted anything here in my blog, how frustrating! I’ve been so stress lately (reaaasooonssss!) for so many things to handle and get things done in my life. And now that I’m back in my track I am also having a hard time to keep up with myself. I am having a lot of insecurities right now in my blogging career but I know sooner or later I will be back with my own self.

Friday, May 5, 2017

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