I am so bored lately with my skin care routine and it’s been my routine for more than 4 years, Facial Wash-Toner-Moisturizer, that’s it. And then last week I just visited the Youtube Channel of Morgan in Beautybreakdown and I saw how much improvement she have in her skin. I mean she have a beautiful skin from the start but now her skin is totally glowing and I want that. I felt also that my skin is getting bored with my routine LOL!. I need saving, that’s why I change my routine for the better and bought some Korean Products in Althea TH.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Finally the Day 3 in Bali is now here loves, to complete the 2 days and a half exploration in Bali is finally here. It took me so long to finish my 3 blog post travel diaries in Bali loves, sorry for that but here it is. Let's get started now, by the way if you want to see the breakdown cost on my trip check out the the bottom of this blog.

Monday, May 7, 2018

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