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 I always keep changing my style, the last time I remember I love to wear black or anything sexy dark inspired by Ida Andu and Angelique Manto's style. Now, I'm back into neutrals again, focusing more on beige, white, cream, brown, camel, and nude colors. Neutrals are always in season, whether spring, summer, or fall. You will never go wrong with neutrals. I've been getting a lot of inspiration lately from fashion blogger Sara Crampton of Harper and and Hannah Desai from Cocobeautea. They really pulled off styling neutral colors, classic, elegant and minimal. I'm in my second trimester now and I'm currently loving the refreshing colors of Neutrals.

I’ve rounded up three of my favorite looks for Neutral, I always wear these pieces every time I step out of my house, and I just mix and match.

Look 1.

Accessories: meirie.accessories
Shoulder padded Top: Zara
Knit pants: H&M
Slipper: Shopee TH evashopshoes

I’ve worn my H&M wide leg knit pants a thousand times since I got it. I love how cozy, airy and soft the fabric is. I never regret buying this since it’s really hard to buy the right size and fit online especially for this kind of pants.

Look 2.

Earrings: meirie.accessories
Beaded choker: fav.koreaaaaa
Knitted Maxi dress: December in Central Festival Mall Pattaya
Cardigan: Shopee TH girlgogirl
Sandal: Shopee TH korea_style01

During my pregnancy the only dress that I’m comfortable wearing is the December’s knit dress, they have a physical store in Central Festival Pattaya, Thailand and their store is really a head-turner full of different styles and clothes in different neutral colors plus the huge price signage “200 THB” really makes you decide to take a look of their collection. I am obsessed with wearing this knit dress because it is so comfortable, I can practically breath underneath (I’m not quite a fan of tight or body-hugging pregnancy outfits) and the knitted fabric is so soft.

Look 3.

Accesories : meirie.accessories
White Long Sleeve: Thrifted
3Plaid Woven Vest: Shopee TH cicishop1 

This maternity leggings that I bought from Shopee Thailand is one of the best decision I’ve ever made. At first, I’m hesitant to buy this because I don’t like body-hugging clothes I felt sweaty and the weather in Thailand is so hot. But, I ended up buying just to try well it’s not that quite expensive so why not and everyone is recommending to get maternity shorts or pants because it’s money-saver clothing for pregnant women. And since I received the maternity pants, I have always worn them since my 1st Trimester until now that I’m in my 2nd Trimester. It is really a wise decision to get it, it’s so light and stretchy so even it hugs your legs and thighs it doesn’t feel heavy. I love the fact that the upper front is a little bit loose, so your belly will grow with it until it doesn’t.

Tips for buying clothes

  1. Buying online is more addictive during this time than going to the actual physical store. However, if you want to buy a timeless and classic piece like a dress, trousers or trench coat, I highly recommend getting it at the physical store so you can see for yourself the right fit for you. Most classic and timeless pieces are very expensive so it’s better to see the fit first before you’ll end up regretting buying it.
  2. For trendy clothes, like this year 2022 Y2k fashion is going to be a hit I suggest buying it in a store that offers lower prices, like an online shopping store or even in SALE. I don’t think investing too much in clothes that are going to be out of trend in the next few months is a wise shopping purchase. Well, if you have all the means and money you can buy the most expensive trendy clothes but if you are on a budget try to balance your shopping decision by thinking many times if “will I wear this in the next two to three years?”
  3. When buying online, always read and check the reviews, wait for SALE if you have the time, and lastly always check with yourself if you are really going to wear it in the next day/s. I have this attitude sometimes when I get too much carried away in browsing clothes online and ended up buying so many things but I didn’t wear them because I don’t go out recently because of the pandemic. So, I just wasted a lot of money for nothing.

And that’s it loves my most worn neutral clothes right now, I hope you get some inspiration too in my lookbook for today.

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